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Clarion MCD360

This versatile 3-Way Electronic Crossover offers inputs for two- or three-way system setups with rear fader control. Users also get a wired remote subwoofer level control. We have a deal on out one and only demo board model.
$190.00 $120.00

Clarion SE1624r

Clarion’ s SE1624r series speakers enables you to enjoy powerful, dynamic sound with stable performance over a broad range from highs to lows, all in coaxial and multiaxial speakers design.
$92.00 $38.99

Clarion SRQ1633r

Clarion SRQ1622r offers a great value. These speaker have excellent bass response and smooth accurate highs backed with an awesome power handling if you want to add an amp Call the store for a better price when purchasing them in a package
$160.00 $129.99

Clarion WQ2521

Clarion WQ3021 and WQ3020 10" subwoofers (2 and 4 ohm) are incredible subwoofers that can handle a whopping 500 watts RMS each. Call the store for a better price when purchased in a package
$180.00 $145.00

Clarion WQ3021

Clarion has a winner with these heavy duty 12" subwoofers. The WQ3021 and WQ3020 (dual 2 or dual4 ohm) have 500watts RMS power handling. Call the store to get your best price in a package
$200.00 $159.99

Clarion XC7120

Clarion XC7120 subwoofer amp has enough power to move you in your seat with 1100 watts of power it is no slouch. Call the store to get a better price when bought in a package.
$800.00 $499.99

Clarion XC7420

The Clarion XC7420 amp has to be one of the best combination amplifiers with full DSP offered by Clarion. Lots of power, the ability to integrate on a stock radio and with 120 watts of power on 4 channels it is enough to wake the neighbors. Call for a better price when bought in a package
$850.00 $498.99

Clarion XC7520

Clarion XC7520 5 channel amp 90 watts × 4 channel & 330 watts × 1 channel @ 4-Ohms 180 watts × 4 channel & 500 watts × 1 channel@ 2-Ohms DSP technology allows time alignment, crossovers and equalization to help correct the harsh environment that exists in the vehicle. Be sure to call the store for a better price in a package
$1,000.00 $598.99